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Foreign and high-risk companies often have difficulty in obtaining a credit card processing account. However, there are now many high risk and offshore processors who gladly provide these types of companies with accounts tailor-made for their businesses. Recently, the high risk and offshore processing industry has become more competitive due to constantly increasing numbers of new and high-profile financial firms entering the market. Unfortunately, the processing fees for high-risk and offshore companies is still rather high. The good news is that they can be sure that the set-up charges will be minimal and that they will receive their funds in an expedited manner. Fortunately, these companies can rest assured in the knowledge that the set-up fees will be miniscule, and they will receive their funds quickly.

We approve the following accounts:

Adult Sites and Products
Attorney/Legal Services
Auto Rental
Bail Bondsmen
Buying/Shopping Clubs/Wholesale Clubs
Cellular Phones & Beepers
Check Cashing Services
Coin Shops
Collection Agencies
Computer Store
Contractors (concrete, General Residential Building, Special Trade, etc.)
Detective Services
Door-to-Door Sales
Downloading of Software
Escort Services/Massage Parlors
Fireworks Stores
General Warehouse/Storage
Gun Shop
Hair Restoration Services
High Volume/High Ticket
Home/Apartment Operated Business
Horoscope/Fortune Tellers
Industrial Supplies
Insurance Products
Investment Opportunities
Jewelry Sales/Repair
Meat Provisions, Freezer, Lockers
Mortgage Servcies/Securities Sales
Multi-level Marketing
Night Clubs, Lounges, Discos and Dinner Theaters
Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing/Phone Solicitation
Pawn Shops
Seminars, Educational
Stereo Sales, Home and Auto
Telecommunications Equipment Sales
Television Sales, Consumer Electronics
Ticket Sales
Time Share Sales
Used Auto Sales
Water Purifiers
Weight Loss Centers
Electronics--high tickets etc for B2B and home based electronics resellers
Replica products
Credit Repair
Financial consulting (tax advice or investing sites--like Stock/commodities tips/tools, real-estate, etc)
Calling/Phone cards
High tickets/volume--Jewelry etc
Online Pharmacy
Dating Merchants
eBook or Digital download merchants

Finding a high risk and offshore processing account is rarely difficult, and the internet may be the best place to begin your search. Typing in words pertinent to your business into a credible search engine will show you an abundance of high risk and offshore merchant account advertisements and services. With a credible high risk and offshore merchant account, merchants can accept all major credit cards, access recurring bills, access exhaustive reporting, obtain fraud prevention solutions, technical support, full consolidation with APIs for major platforms and an variety of data analysis tools.

Offshore Merchant Account

Offshore merchant accounts, much like other credit card processing accounts, have become very competitive in nature. The benefits of having an offshore merchant account are shown in many ways, such as competitive interest rates and low annual fees, even if the merchant is already with another processor.

Opening an offshore merchant account is often easier than opening a stateside account. In most cases, if an account is not an offshore merchant account, certain things will be required from the merchant that are not necessarily required when setting up an offshore account, which provides the difficulty in opening a stateside account. There are very few offshore merchant account companies that will require a deposit, or a certain timeframe for which the company must have been operating when setting up the account. For these reasons, an offshore merchant account hasmuch more to offer a retailer than most merchant accounts.

Telemarketing, adult, travel, MLM and moreā€¦

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The core idea behind Complete Merchant Processing is to provide a profit-increasing edge to growing businesses through providing them additional payment options for their customers.

In today's technological age, electronic transactions have a reach much further than that of paper transactions, and with many payment options available, it is critical for new and growing businesses to have an effective and secure program. Complete Merchant Processing offer many payment processing methods that are be tailor-made to suit your business best.

In the world of online shopping, it is a practical necessity to have the ability to process credit cards to increase profits.Complete Merchant Processing offer eCommerce accounts that are supported by the latest technology in security and privacy. Having a dependable provider can help your business achieve more notoriety with customers.

Business representatives and foreign travelers often prefer credit cards, but many choose to pay by way of electronic checks. In years past, this has many skeptical due to the lack of a guarantee that checks will go through. Bearing this in mind, processors offer electronic check processors so merchant's may be able to better accommodate to customers, rather than leave themselves open to the risk of losing them due to an inability to process their preferred payment method.

Merchants that are new to accepting cards may have a sudden surge in sales which, if not prepared for, may leave your business on shaky grounds. For this, we encourage many merchants to apply for merchant.

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