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MOTO businesses operate through transactions that stem from mail or telephone orders, such as catalogs or websites that do not have an online payment option. We offer different ways to process these payments, such as:

Terminal - This option is the traditional terminal, through which you will manually enter the customer's card number, expiration date, etc. At the end of your business day, simply settle your terminal and we will receive your totals.

PC Point-of-Sale - This is an option to process your sales through your computer and send through your totals to our system using a point-of-sale software program (a cash register-type of program) or an internet site, such as VirtualMerchant, viaWARP, InternetSecure or the SmartBooks plugin for your Quickbooks software. At the end of your business day, simply transmit your totals in the same manner as settling out your credit card terminal.

As the customer's form of payment is never present (you never physically swipe their card, process their check, etc.), this system has its own specific platforms and rate structures, based on what will best suit your business.

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The core idea behind Complete Merchant Processing is to provide a profit-increasing edge to growing businesses through providing them additional payment options for their customers.

In today's technological age, electronic transactions have a reach much further than that of paper transactions, and with many payment options available, it is critical for new and growing businesses to have an effective and secure program. Complete Merchant Processing offer many payment processing methods that are be tailor-made to suit your business best.

In the world of online shopping, it is a practical necessity to have the ability to process credit cards to increase profits.Complete Merchant Processing offer eCommerce accounts that are supported by the latest technology in security and privacy. Having a dependable provider can help your business achieve more notoriety with customers.

Business representatives and foreign travelers often prefer credit cards, but many choose to pay by way of electronic checks. In years past, this has many skeptical due to the lack of a guarantee that checks will go through. Bearing this in mind, processors offer electronic check processors so merchant's may be able to better accommodate to customers, rather than leave themselves open to the risk of losing them due to an inability to process their preferred payment method.

Merchants that are new to accepting cards may have a sudden surge in sales which, if not prepared for, may leave your business on shaky grounds. For this, we encourage many merchants to apply for merchant.

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